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Swimming NZ Constitution

2023 Annual Report

Official report for 2022-23

2021 Annual Report

Over the last year, the Board has undertaken significant Governance work to clarify our purpose and ensure full collective understanding across all board members.

2021 AGM Minutes

Official agenda and minutes from the 2021 AGM.

2020 Annual Report

The output of SNZ Staff members has been demonstrated through a number of initiatives.

2020 AGM Minutes

Official agenda and minutes from the 2020 AGM.

2019 Annual Report

I am pleased to reflect that SNZ is in fine heart, governed and administered by good people working tirelessly in the interests of the wider swimming community

2019 AGM Minutes

Official agenda and minutes from the 2019 AGM.

2018 Annual Report

Swimming is in good health made possible by your collective dedication, input and commitment to the sport

2018 AGM Minutes

Official agenda and minutes from the 2018 AGM.

2017 Annual Report

We would like to thank the board of Swimming NZ for their tireless commitment to the cause.

2017 AGM Minutes

Official agenda and minutes from the 2017 AGM.

Constitution & Annual Reports

Membership Protection Policy

Updated February 2021

Police Vetting Policy

Find everything you need for completing your Police Vetting here

Anti-Match Fixing & Sports Betting Policy

Updated December 2014

Privacy Policy


Records & Rewards Programme Policy


General Website Terms of Use


Conditions of Membership


E-Commerce Terms of Use


Organisation Policies and Terms & Conditions

Constitution & Governance

SNZ Constitution, Annual Reports and AGM Minutes

Organisation Policies and Terms & Conditions

Includes all policies related to the organisation

Swimming Rules & Competition Policies

Includes all swimming rules and policies related to the delivery of competitions

Use the quick finder below to find the policies and documents you're looking for below.

Policies & Documents

New Zealand Pool Swimming Rules 

Updated December 2023

New Zealand Open Water Swimming Rules

Updated December 2019

World Aquatics Swimming Rules

Updated July 2023

World Para Swimming Rules

Updated June 2023

Right to Compete at SNZ Championships

Policy 001: To outline policy on who can compete at SNZ Championship meets.

Meet Types and Eligibility

Policy 002: To outline the meet types on the SNZ Database and what member categories are eligible to enter and compete in.

New Zealand Records

Policy 003: To outline the policy of under what conditions a New Zealand Swimming Record can be set and what process is to be followed to have the record registered with SNZ.

International Travel Authorisation

Policy 004: To set out the SNZ Policy for SNZ members wishing to train and compete internationally (outside of any official SNZ Team) and to outline the process to gain SNZ Authorisation.

Membership Transfers

Policy 005: To set out SNZ policy and process on members transferring affiliated clubs.

Late Entries & Entry Refunds

Policy 006: To set out SNZ policy on late entries to SNZ Championship Events and policy on entry refunds.

Meet Approval - Designated & Development

Policy 007: To provide the opportunity for swimmers to achieve qualifying times to attend national championships, with a greater emphasis given to performance at these meets.

Withdrawals and Protests

Policy 008: To outline SNZ policy on withdrawals and protests at SNZ competitions.

Accreditation to SNZ Events

Policy 009: Accredited Persons may include athletes participating at the Event, coaches, administrators, staff, officials, and SNZ special guests.

Media Accreditation

Policy 010: To outline SNZ policy on the process for Media Accreditation by which persons may apply to become media accredited for events run by SNZ.

Patrons at SNZ Events

Policy 011: For the purposes of this policy, patrons may include but not restricted to patrons who’ve purchased a ticket, SNZ members, SNZ guests and administrators.

Inclusive Swimwear

Policy 012: To outline policy on creating a welcoming and inclusive swimming environment for all competitive members.

Swimming Rules & Competition Policies

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