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Get Involved To Unlock Your Greatness

We know that swimming is an awesome life skill, but it also boasts loads of physical, social and mental health benefits. At Swimming NZ, we want to help all Kiwis have a life-long love of the water by creating and supporting positive sporting experiences. Whether you are wanting to learn to swim, be safer around the water, a weekend warrior swimming for fitness or wanting to get involved in competitions, swimming has something for you! Unlock Your Greatness in the water today!


Learn more about the area of swimming that suits you

So Much More Than Swimming

Whilst swimming is lots of fun in general, there are so many reasons to be active in the water.

Pool Events Calendar

We're proud to offer a range of competitive pool events to help everyone enjoy the water. For more information on local competitions make sure to visit your Fast Lane profile or your club or region website.

Find Your Local Pool

There is no time like the present to Unlock Your Greatness and experience the endless health and wellbeing benefits of swimming. Find your local pool below and get active in the water.

Find Your Local Swim Club

Join a local swimming club to experience the thrill and joy of competition, or training with friends. Our swimming clubs are ready to provide positive swimming experiences within our sport.

Open Water Events Calendar

We're proud to offer and support range of open water events to help everyone enjoy the beautiful swimming holes around Aotearoa.

Find Your Local Registered Swim School

There is no time like the present to learn to swim, whether you are a baby, teenager or adult! It's time to Unlock Your Greatness by learning to swim! Find your local Registered Swim School below.

It's a Life Skill

With NZ being surrounded by water and hosts stunning waterholes around the country, being able to go for a swim safely is a favourite Kiwi pastime!

It Develops Other Essential Life Skills

Being involved in swimming teaches you so much about skills that will equip you for life – such as time management, communication, perseverance and dedication

It's a Great Low Impact Whole Body Workout

Swimming is great for getting the whole body active and has less load through the joints when swimming in water

It's a Great Way to be Social

So many people swim together in clubs, squads or local groups, and many love to catch up for a coffee and chat post-swim!

It's Great for Your Wellbeing

Swimming is not just good for your physical health, it is great for your mood and providing balance in your life.

It's a Great Form of Rehabilitation & Recovery

Given that being in the water can reduce the load on the joints, it is a great way to stay active or help with recovery from an injury

It's Easily Accessible & Anyone Can Do It

Aotearoa has so many stunning waterways and there are pools nearby, so why not head out for a swim

Swimming is a Sport for Life

Whether you are competing or swimming for lifestyle and health, being involved in the water is something you can do for life!

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