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Education & 
Water Safety

 Swimming New Zealand has a national commitment to Water Safety and Swimming Education. We achieve this by providing Professional Development (PD) to School Teachers and through swim teacher education utilising AUSTSWIM courses and qualifications.

National Education and Water Safety Manager
Karen Dalldorf
Education Commercial Manager

Judy Tipping

021 108 3139

Aquatic Education & Water Safety Advisor – Taranaki

Chloe Dickinson

Education & Safety Team

We're proud of the difference our Education & Safety team make in the community every day. It's their hard work that makes sure everyone has the opportunity, ability and knowledge to enjoy the water safely.

Water Skills For Life

Water Skills for Life is the national standard for aquatic education in New Zealand primary schools. It is linked into the national education curriculum and gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk and make smart decisions around water.

+  Water safety and awareness skills

+  Getting in and out of the water

+  Going under the water - Submersion

+  Floating on the water - Personal Buoyancy

+   Rolling and turning in the water - Orientation

+  Water safety and awareness skills

Become a swim teacher

in New Zealand

Swim teaching can be an exciting and fulfilling career or pastime. New Zealand is an island nation surrounded by water with kilometres of coastline, so it is essential that all New Zealanders are given the opportunity to enjoy the water safely. The role of a swim teacher is to pass on the aquatic skills and knowledge needed to be confident and familiar with the water, enabling participation in the sport of swimming and other aquatic activities.

Water Testing

Swimming New Zealand has a national commitment to Water Safety and we are proud to present WATERMARK Training and Consultancy to help solve water supply and water quality problems and recommend treatment options.

Open Water Safety Guide

Open Water Swimming is possible in the sea, lakes, and rivers, across New Zealand. Because the open water has many unique challenges, we've worked with our partners to give you some simple safety guidelines. 

Course Calendar

You can see all course dates and locations via the AUSTSWIM website. For more information and to enrol email

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