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Health & Safety

Swimming NZ is committed to providing positive and safe environments for our members. To assist, please utilise the templates and resources below, and the incident report form.

Incident Report Form

Swimming NZ has developed an incident report form that can be completed on-the-go on your phone. Reporting incidents as they occur is an important component of health and safety.

Health & Safety Questions

For any questions regarding any of this information, please contact 


Check your club, region or organisation have policies and procedures up to date and documented. Ensure these are reviewed by officers and communicated clearly to everyone in your workplace


Eg: drug and alcohol policies, Police Vetting policies


Check that your club, region or organisation are documenting down the hazards and risks that you have noticed in your workplace and then ensure those hazards and risks are either eliminated or minimised and record those controls put in place.


It is important to assess the risk while reviewing your hazards - basing how extensive your controls are off an assessment of the likelihood of an injury occurring from the hazard and how bad the injury could be. Remember that hazards can include the work you do, the tools you use or the environments you work in.


A hazard and risk register should be developed and reviewed on a regular basis, and reviewed again if an incident does occur.


Ensure you are documenting and reporting any work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses that occur, investigating them and putting preventative measures in place where possible as part of the hazard and risk register.



Complete an induction for workers (including contractors and volunteers) and document the training completed so they know how to work safely.

Consider regularly discussing health and safety with workers.



Write up emergency procedures for all situations you work in.

Please note: all pool venues will have an emergency plan already

Top 5 Tips for Health & Safety

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