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Lifestyle, Fitness & Recreation

Swimming is an activity and a skill to participate in for life! Whether you swim for enjoyment, to socialise with friends and whanau, for fitness or health and wellbeing, swimming has so many ways to provide a positive experience. We are committed to supporting all New Zealanders have a lifelong love of the water.

Unlock Your Greatness by getting involved in swimming for your health and wellbeing today!

Get Active in the Water

There are so many ways to enjoy the water for lifestyle, fitness and recreation in New Zealand. Check out some of these and remember to do so safely.

Tips & Training Plans

We want to help you have some tips to help you have the best experience in the water. Watch this space for useful tips and training plans to aid your swimming experience.

Safety Guidelines

We are grateful to have so many wonderful locations to go swimming. We also want everyone to have a safe experience in the water. To help you have a great experience at your local waterhole, we have developed some guidelines to help keep you safe during your swim.

Lap Swimming

This is a popular way of being active in the water. We will be sharing some tips and training plan ideas to assist you moving forward

Open Water Swimming

We are fortunate to have so many stunning waterways to swim in. Whether it’s rivers, lakes or ocean, it's important to stay safe

Aqua Jogging

Lots of swimming pools offer space for aqua jogging, which is great for fitness or recovery from injury. Check out your local facility

Water Aerobics

Many pool facilities around the country provide water aerobics and aqua fitness classes. Check out your local facility with your friends

Water Sports

There are heaps of activities you can partake in on the water, from kayaking and surfing, paddleboarding and fishing to skiing and sailing.


Loads of Kiwis love to get out on the boat at every opportunity. It’s important to be safe on the water, check out the boating safety code

Open Water Events Calendar

Whilst not everyone swims to train for events, it can be great to have a goal to aspire to and a great way to utilise the stunning locations around Aotearoa. Check out some great opportunities to be involved from our partners.

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