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Lorraine Moller is Unlocking Her Greatness in the Pool

Swimming is the Physical Activity of Choice for Lorraine Moller

One of New Zealand’s most successful distance runners, Lorraine Moller, has been regularly Unlocking Her Greatness in the pool as she swims for her health and fitness.


The 4-time Olympian is an Olympic Bronze Medallist in the Marathon at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, a winner of the 1984 Boston Marathon and won 16 international Marathons across her career. She completed at any elite level for 28-years from 400m events through to 50km distances.


Lorraine’s achievements are incredibly impressive for her career as a runner, and she has found swimming to be beneficial throughout her life.


“I have always found swimming to be the perfect partner exercise for runners. Running muscles relax, and the upper body gets a workout while the legs recover.”


Lorraine added that it is swimming that she turns to as she stays fit and healthy.


“Ultimately relaxing and refreshing, swimming is now my go-to activity for health and fitness.”


Lorraine was pleased to be supporting the promotion of the endless health and wellbeing benefits of swimming.


“Congratulations to Swimming NZ on promoting their Unlock Your Greatness campaign!”


Whether you are a runner looking to help with recovery or you’re looking to focus on your health and fitness, there is no time like the present to Unlock Your Greatness by getting active in the water. Find your local pool, Registered Swim School or swimming club at our Get Involved webpage to get started today.

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