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Community Feedback Sought For Updated Proposal

Updated Proposal for Community Feedback in the Competition Review

We are very appreciative of the 174 responses we received in the Proposal for Community Feedback window for the Competition Review that finished on Sunday 10 March. Thank you for taking the time to review the proposal document and complete the survey, this has been a vital part of the Working Group's review.

There was a strong spread of stakeholders who provided their feedback within the 174 responses (noting some stakeholders will hold multiple roles within the sport):

  • 24 coaches

  • 27 swimmers

  • 93 parents/guardians

  • 42 technical officials

  • 22 administrators

  • 33 team managers

  • 15 club committees

  • 6 regional boards

  • 4 other committees (eg: event committees)


Upon a thorough review of the feedback received from the community, the Working Group has recommended updates to 6 of the 8 initial proposed recommendations, highlighting how much the Working Group valued the feedback that was received.

To best accommodate the feedback received, the Working Group has requested that the community be provided an additional opportunity to provide feedback as Recommendation 2 (Timing of National Events) has been adjusted significantly to accommodate the community feedback received.

An updated proposal document outlining the feedback received and proposed update relating to each event within Recommendation 2 has been provided below with a short survey. We ask the community to review and provide feedback via the survey by Friday 5 April.

Swimming NZ’s Head of Participation & Events, Dale Johnson, is grateful for the community support of the review so far.


“We are extremely appreciative to everyone involved in submitting the 174 responses we received in the Community Feedback window. This feedback has been the driving force in the Working Group proposing updates to 6 of the 8 recommendations.”


Johnson is now urging everyone to review the updated proposal for Recommendation 2 and complete the shorter survey.


“The Working Group felt that the feedback received warranted some re-adjusting of the timing of national events to best accommodate the community. Given the changes since the initial proposal, the Working Group wanted to seek the community feedback again to ensure it has captured the essence of the feedback in the updated proposal.”


Please make sure you contribute your feedback to help us provide the best timing of national events for our community by completing the survey by Friday 5 April.

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