Participation & Competition

We take pride in providing opportunities for all New Zealander's to love the water. No matter whether you're planning on diving in with one of our clubs, celebrating participation and performance at our events. Or staying dry from the sidelines as a technical official. There's a pathway for everyone to reach their full potential. 

Events 2022

We're proud to offer a range of national level events to help everyone enjoy the water. For more information on local competitions make sure to visit your club or region website. 

Events Manager
Chloe Francis
Head of Participation & Events
Dale Johnson
Disability and Para Swimming Participation Manager
Cameron Leslie
Membership Services Manager
Amber Piggott

Participation Coordinator

Hannah Cartman

Events Support Coordinator

Tonya Osborne

Participation Team

The friendly faces on the other side of most of your emails. We're fortunate to have a passionate crew who deliver world class events, facilitate equal opportunities for anyone to enjoy the water and make sure that every member has a great experience. 

Disability Swimming

Learning to swim has a range of benefits such as improved health and fitness, increased confidence and pain relief for anyone with an impairment. It's great for people of all ages and it is never too late to learn.

Parents & Whanau

We're committed to creating positive sporting experiences for all young people, regardless of ability, needs and motivations through the Good Sports & Balance is Better programme. Helping young people stay involved in the sport for life and realising their potential at the right time. 

Technical Officials

Timekeepers, Inspector of Turns (IOT’s) & Starters etc are known as Technical Officials. These roles are filled by ordinary people just like you and me. Swimming competitions rely on Technical Officials to provide the support and technical information to help make the competition fair for all swimmers.

Find Your Local Club

Join a club to get immersed in Swimming culture. Spend time with friends, improve confidence and grow your swimming skills. Our clubs can facilitate everything from learning to swim through to elite level training and competition. Reach out to your local club to get started. 

26 - 27 MAR 2022

2022 Orangetheory New Zealand Open Water Championships

Lake Taupo

26 - 27 MAR 2022

2022 Orangetheory EPIC Open Water Swim

Lake Taupo

2 APR 2022

2022 New Zealand Secondary School Open Water Championships

Mount Maunganui

2 APR 2022

2022 Aquaknights Secondary School Open Water Championships

Mount Maunganui

4 - 9 APR 2022

2022 Apollo Projects New Zealand Championships

Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre, Auckland 

19 - 24 APR 2022

2022 Apollo Projects New Zealand Age Group Championships

Regional Aquatic Centre, Wellington

8 - 12 MAY 2022

2022 Apollo Projects Division II Competition

Moana Pool, Dunedin

 11 - 12 JUN 2022

2022 North Island Secondary School Championships

Regional Aquatic Centre, Wellington

18 - 19 JUN 2022

2022 South Island Secondary School Championships

Moana Pool, Dunedin 

 28 - 31 JUL 2022

2022 New Zealand Secondary School Championships

Waterworld Te Rapa 

23 - 27 AUG 2022

2022 Apollo Projects New Zealand Short Course Championships

 National Aquatic Centre, Auckland 

5 - 6 NOV 2022

2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival Harlequins

 National Aquatic Centre, Auckland 

4 - 6 NOV 2022

2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival Makos

 Moana Pool, Dunedin

11 - 13 NOV 2022

2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival Aquaknights

Waterworld, Hamilton

11 - 13 NOV 2022

2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival All Stars

Regional Aquatic Centre, Wellington