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2023 Apollo Projects Division II Swimming Competition

Kia ora coaches, managers and swimmers,

Welcome to the 2023 Apollo Projects Division II Swimming Competition next week. Swimming New Zealand is excited to be hosting this event in Wellington at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, we can’t wait to welcome you all!

16 - 20 May

Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

Our team looks forward to seeing you on pool deck. It's bound to be a great week of racing and connecting, best of luck to everyone! 

Nga mihi nui,

SNZ Events

Team Managers Meeting

There will be a compulsory team manager meeting held on Monday 15 May at 5pm in the spin studio room/marshalling room.


Team managers will be given a brief run-down of meet activities, expectations of swimmers and clubs, and general delivery of the event. Each club is asked to have at least one representative at the meeting. If you can’t attend, please have a good understanding of this update.

Programme & Results

Swimming NZ have done a preliminary seeding the programme, which you can view below. This may be updated over the coming days.

Click here to view the programme and results online

We encourage you to download the new Swimify Livetiming app to view the programme and results on your phone.

Apple App Store

Google App Store

There will be one printed programme per club. This will be available at the resolutions desk. All sessions will be posted online the night before for morning sessions and after heats sessions commences for afternoon sessions.

Updated World Aquatics Stroke Rules

As communicated on 23 March, we will be enforcing the updated World Aquatics Rules for strokes from the 1 April 2023 onwards.

Learn more here

Ribbon Ceremonies

Ribbons shall be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all events (except exhibition relays).

The victory ceremony timetable will be included in the finals programmes and as listed in the event schedule, and we will endeavour to run to this timetable. If for any reason there is a delay in the results being available, the ribbon presentation for that event will take place as soon as possible.


Dress standard and protocols for victory ceremonies:

  • Club or regional t-shirt, jacket or sweatshirt

  • No caps or goggles

  • Shorts, trousers or skirt must be worn

  • Shoes must be worn

  • Swimmers can’t run on to the podium late, they need to be present at the start of the announcement for their presentation

  • Swimmers must keep their ribbon on until well away from the podium

Accred & Access To Pool

Access to the pool is via the competitor’s entrance with your accreditation. An accreditation volunteer will be on hand to ensure that passes are being presented. If you do not have a valid pass – you will be required to pay the appropriate admission fee. Accreditation must be worn, around the neck, to gain access. No accreditation no entry. Lost accreditation can be replaced at a cost of $15.00 each – through cash or invoice to the club.


Please note, no late passes will be issued at the door as per the updated Accreditation Policy 009.

Opening Hours

Pre-Meet (Mon 15 May)

3pm - 6pm

Competition Days (Tues 16 - Sat 20 May)

Tues 16 - Fri 19 May

Heats = 7am

Finals = 4pm

Sat 20 May

Heats = 7am

Finals 3pm

Please note the final session has been adjusted to start an hour earlier for those who will be travelling home that evening



Self-marshalling will be employed during all heat sessions. Swimmers are asked to be in the marshalling area 4 heats prior to their event. For all 50m events swimmers need to be in the marshalling area 6 heats prior to their event.



Swimmers (including reserves) will need to marshal 6 races prior for 50m events and 4 races prior to their event for all other events and remain in the marshalling area. All swimmers are required to marshal for relays. Swimsuits will be checked at marshalling for legality.


If a swimmer is not present at the time of their event being marshalled, the clerk of course will replace that swimmer with the reserved swimmer.


Seating will be available on pool deck and grandstand for swimmers, coaches and team managers. Please note that there will be no allocated seating for clubs, with the spectator bay being allocated near the start/finish. We encourage clubs to work together as there are enough seats for everyone with a great vantage point of the pool.

Given there is plenty of pool deck space at this event, we encourage swimmers to store bags against the walls near the warm-up pool as well.


Clubs will not be able to reserve seating on pre-event warm up day. Any signs will be removed.

Opening Ceremony

There will be an opening ceremony held at the start of session 2 on Tuesday 16 May starting at 5:30pm.


Please encourage your club mates, family and friends to attend the event to cheer you on. Tickets are available online at Humanitix

Click here to purchase


There are 3 main parking areas around the facility – 2 can be accessed from Kilbirnie Crescent, and 1 from Evans Bay Parade. Please note there is limited parking

Health & Safety

​Please remember to encourage good hygiene practices at this event and use common sense to keep yourself and others safe on pool deck.

Warm-Up Procedure

There will be allocated lanes for fins and paddles during warm up. We ask that you please stick to these lanes as documented on pool deck.

Themed Session

To celebrate the competition, there will be a themed session on Saturday evening (session 10). The theme will be circus.


There will be a march past at 5:30pm, with prizes awarded for best dressed. Please gather at the dive pool on pool deck. There will be spot prizes for the best dressed.


Withdrawals from events for session one will need to be submitted at the Team Managers meeting or via email by 5.30pm on 15th May prior to the start of the meet. Any withdrawals for session one submitted after this will incur a withdrawal fee.


Please note: withdrawals will not be accepted via email after 5:30pm Monday 15th May.

Any further withdrawals for sessions 2 - 10 will not be accepted via email after 5.30pm Monday 15th May. Withdrawals need to be made via a withdrawals form which can be found at the resolutions desk. Withdrawals via email will be considered late and will occur a late withdrawal fine.

For timed final events the SNZ Policy 008 will apply.

For timed-finals, withdrawals must be advised by the end of the session preceding the session with the timed final event.

Withdrawals from evening final races will be required to be submitted 30 minutes from posting of event results online.

Any withdrawals after this 30-minute period will occur a $50 fine

DQs & Protests

Disqualifications will be announced and a copy of the DQ form will be available at the resolutions desk located halfway along the pool on the non-grandstand side.

Protests must be submitted to the referee, in writing, on the protest form by the team manager only within 30 minutes following the DQ result posting online. This needs to be accompanied in cash by the $100.00 protest fee.

If conditions causing a potential protest are noted prior to the event a protest must be lodged before the signal to start is given.

All protests shall be considered by the referee. If the referee rejects the protest, they must state the reasons for their decision. The Team Manager may appeal the rejection to the Jury of Appeal whose decision shall be final.

If the protest is rejected, the deposit will be forfeited to SNZ. If the protest is upheld the deposit will be returned.


Swimmers with strapping must provide documentation from a relevant registered health practitioner or physiotherapist and be reviewed by the Technical Director (Carlrine Gillespie) prior to swimming. Any swimmers without such documentation may not be permitted to swim.

Photography & Videography

Photos and videos will be taken throughout the competition. All athletes and spectators have agreed to allow photographs, videos, and audio recordings to be taken by accredited SNZ contractors to be used for any legitimate purpose by SNZ. If you have any concerns please contact

Spectators agree upon entry that photographic, video or audio recording equipment is prohibited for any purpose which may include, without limitation, video and/or audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 300mm and commercial digital video equipment. The SNZ Event staff will, at their sole discretion, determine whether or not an item is intended for personal or commercial use.


Please note this event won't be livestreamed but will be promoted on our Swimming NZ social channels so you can stay up-to-date

Development Opportunities Outside the Pool

Whilst there is plenty of exciting racing to look forward to, there are opportunities for development and inspiring the next generation throughout the event.


Coach Room

There will be a dedicated coach area with a coffee machine. This has been introduced so coaches can mingle and get away from the race pool for a break and will be located in the group fitness room (the coach section of this room will have access to pool deck).

Coach Engagement Session

SNZ's Dale Johnson will be in the coaches room on after the heats session on Friday 19 May to catch up with coaches. We are keen to provide greater support with coaches so look forward to chatting with you


Officials Dinner & Development

This will be held in the marshalling room from 6pm - 8pm on Monday 15 May

Parent Afternoon Tea

SNZ's Dr Cherie Harris will be in the marshalling room from 4.30pm - 5.30pm on Thursday 18 May to discuss wellbeing and identity with parents.

Parent Breakfast

SNZ's Dale Johnson will be in the marshalling room between 7.15am - 8.15 on Saturday 20 May to discuss the importance of creating positive swimming experiences and how you can help the delivery of our sport

Community Get Involved

Dive Start Clinic

Some of our Aquablacks are hosting an Individual Medley stroke skills clinic on Saturday 20 May from 1pm - 3pm. Some tickets are still available to learn from:

  • Lewis Clareburt

  • Helena Gasson

  • Willy Benson


Click here to buy tickets

Aquablack Signing & Photo Session

Some of our Aquablacks will be signing autographs and available for photos on Saturday 20 May between 3pm – 4pm in the Teamline room. This is free and available for the public to come along

Club Packs

Team event packs can be collected from the ticketing and accreditation booth located at the swimmer's entrance on Monday 15 May from 4pm – 6pm, these must be collected by team managers. Any collections from Tuesday 16 May onwards will be via the accreditation booth at the swimmer’s entrance.

Good Behaviour

Swimming New Zealand is also proud to join the Good Sports movement, and is committed to providing positive swimming experiences for all involved. Across the five days of competition, we trust that all interactions throughout the event will be positive and respectful – please treat others like you would like to be treated.


For more information about Good Sports, please click here.

Merch & Swimwear

Teamline will be present at the event, selling both event merchandise and swimming apparel. Be sure to check out their pop-up store which will be located in the group fitness room (the same room Teamline were in at NAGS last year). Entry is off Kilbirnie street, near the event entrance, there is no access via pool deck.

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