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Updated NZ Swimming Rules for the Pool

Announcement of the Updated NZ Swimming Rules for the Pool

During 2023, both World Aquatics and World Para Swimming have updated their swimming rules for competitions. Over the past few months, we have reviewed the NZ Swimming Rules and updated these to align with these changes from each respective international body.

To assist with understanding the rule updates, we have provided the link to the blog shared on 23 March ahead of the 2023 Apollo Projects NZ Swimming Championships which outlines the key changes for World Aquatics stroke rules, which we have followed whilst we reviewed our NZ Swimming Rules.

Following the updates to the World Aquatics rules, World Para Swimming also updated their rules to align with the stroke rule adjustments from World Aquatics. Our NZ Swimming Rules have updated the link to the new World Para Swimming rules.

These rules are ready to be adopted immediately across the country. For any enquiries about the swimming rules, please contact Carlrine Gillespie via email at

Useful Resources

You can find a copy of the updated NZ Swimming Rules for the pool, and links to the World Aquatics and World Para Swimming Rules on our updated Policies & Documents webpage, which can be found under the Resources drop down header.

For our officials, we have also provided a link to Quick Check Infraction Cards for these respective rules under the Officials Resources section of our new Resources webpage.

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