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Orangetheory Epic & NZ Open Water Champs Wrap Up

The 2022 Orangetheory Epic Swim was back again for the 13th year despite all the odds at Acacia Bay. We would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding while we battled covid restrictions changes as well as last minute location changes. This year saw 600 individual entries take part across the weekend from the 1km event all the way through to the 10km event.

Taupo turned on the great weather just in time and provided two beautiful days of sunshine and a perfect lake temperature of 19.3 degrees for both days.

Swimming New Zealand would like to thank all competitors, clubs, technical officials and sponsors for the help you all provided to create this event. Our whole Swimming New Zealand team were extremely proud to be able to deliver this event again despite all the trials we have faced over the last few years.

2022 Orangetheory NZ Open Water Championships

The biggest event of the competition was the NZ Open Water 10km, which was won by Wellington swimmer. Eligh Ashby from Pirates Swim Team who took first place in the Men’s event, finishing in 2:08:00 seconds. Our female champion was the one and only, Ruby Heath from Neptune Swim Club who finished the swim in 2:08:59 seconds. A huge congratulations to both Eligh and Ruby for this phenomenal effort.

The NZ Open Water 7.5km saw a spectacular take over from Coast Swimming Club brother and sister, Liam, and Lena Hamblyn-Ough. A fantastic moment for the Hamblyn-Ough family, congratulations.

Our NZ Champs 5km event saw yet again an extremely close finish for the males with Alex Dunkley from Mt Eden Swimming Club out touching Eligh Ashby from Pirates Swim Team by 2 seconds to gain the national 5km title in the time of 00:58:47. Our female race saw a strong top group race it out throughout the course with yet again Ruby Heath claiming the 5km title in the time of 1:01:09.

We saw two new champions claim the 2.5km national title in yet another amazing race, Dominic Fawkner from St Pauls Swimming Club won in the time of 00:30:31 and Ella Crowe from Howick Pakuranga won the women’s title in the time of 00:32:57

2022 Orangetheory Epic Swim

We congratulate this year’s Epic Epic champions, the fastest male and female swimmer to complete the Epic Epic, which is a 17.5km race combining the 5k, 2.5km, and 10km Epic races.

Axel Wohlfarth from Auckland who won the Men’s Epic Epic for the third year running with a total accumulated time of 3:44:14 seconds, which is over 6 minutes faster than his time from the previous year. Axel came first place in all three swims, the 2.5km (00:31:46), the 5km (1:01:30) and the 10km (2:10:56), which again were all faster than the previous years times, Congratulations Axel, what a huge effort.

Claire Edmonds took out the female Epic Epic in a total time of 4:35:47, winning the 10km race in 2:42:28 and posting times of 01:12:26 for the 5km and 00:40:42 in the 2.5km. This was such an inspiring effort from Claire, and we look forward to seeing you again next year to race for the Epic Epic title again, well done.

Honor List - 13 completed events

Marty Finch – Taupo

Anna Marshall – Wellington

Heather Osborne – Katikati

Pauline Mills – Wellington

Carol Prop – Taupo

Andrew Stevens – Auckland

Official Merchandise

Please remember that you can still order event merchandise from our partners Teamline until Friday 1 April


Lastly, a huge thank you to Orangetheory for making this event happen and we are excited to bring you the 2023 Orangetheory NZ Open Water Championships and Epic Swim next year!

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