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Open Water Opportunities for NZ Juniors

With no World Junior Open Water Championships taking place in 2023, Swimming New Zealand are committed to hosting an Open Water & Distance Camp in October, and selecting a team to compete at the New South Wales Open Water Championships in December.

With a need to grow Open Water athlete capacity and coaching knowledge, the selection criteria is as follows:

SNZ Open Water / Distance Training Camp 02-05 October 2023 (Hawkes Bay)
New South Wales Open Water Championships December 2023

Athletes aged 14-19 years as on 31 December 2023 (ie. born 2004-2009). Age Groups are:

  • 14-15 years - 5.0 km

  • 16-17 years - 7.5 km

  • 18-19 years - 10.0 km

Athletes can qualify via two selection meets:

  • 2023 Orangetheory NZ Open Water Swimming Championships:

    • Top 2 eligible athletes in each age group (14-15 years, 16-17 years & 18-19 years)

    • Third place athletes at the NZ Open Water Championships will be invited to the SNZ OW / Distance Training Camp.

  • 2023 Apollo Projects NZ Swimming Champs and 2023 Apollo Projects NZ Age Group Swimming Championships:

    • Any athletes who achieves the 1500 pool standard (NAP Silver time plus 1.0 percent) as below (age as on 30 April 2023)

Note – up to 4 athletes can be added to the October Camp and / or NSW OW Champs via wildcard selection at the discretion of the NDL

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected after the 2023 Orangetheory NZ Open Water Championships:

The team will be confirmed and contacted by the 25th of April 2023.

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