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Kiwis Triumph Over Commodores in Unforgettable Inaugural New Zealand Dual Meet

Inaugural New Zealand Dual Meet

In an exceptional display of athleticism and cultural exchange, the Kiwis and the Vanderbilt University Commodores recently faced off in a thrilling dual meet held at the Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Centre in Auckland. Vanderbilt University generously subsidized the event as part of an international geology course, bringing together local talent and international competitors for an unforgettable swimming competition. The Kiwis emerged victorious, leaving both teams with an experience they will cherish.

Vanderbilt University Athletics is the sports program of Vanderbilt University, a prestigious private research university located in Nashville, Tennessee. Known as the Commodores, Vanderbilt's athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference (SEC).

A local team from Auckland based clubs was to compete against the visiting Commodores. The teams competed in a Short Course Meters Meet with an unconventional event lineup.

Overall Score

  • 1st Kiwis = 132 Points

  • 2nd Commodores = 105 Points

With that, the stage was set for the inaugural event, where talent, sportsmanship, and international camaraderie took center stage. Amidst anticipation, the dual meet unfolded with excitement from both teams. The Kiwis showcased their skills and speed, ultimately emerging as the victors of the day. The final race of the meet saw the teams combine to race as a mixed team relay showcasing the camaraderie created between the Kiwis and Commodores.

Carter Swift, an Arizona State Swimming Alumni, praised the event, saying,

"The dual meet was a great success. The Kiwis competed against international opponents in a new racing format, and Vanderbilt University got a taste of New Zealand racing. Both teams gained an unforgettable experience. It would be great to see more of this style of racing around the country."

This dual meet was not solely about swimming; it symbolized the power of sport to unite people from different corners of the world. Vanderbilt University's subsidy of the event exemplified their commitment to providing enriching experiences for their students beyond the classroom. By participating in the geology course and engaging in a competitive swim meet, the students gained a comprehensive understanding of New Zealand's culture, the spirit of its sporting community, and the significance of global connections.

Darren Gravley, an administrator for Vanderbilt University, expressed gratitude for organizing the swim meet, stating,

"Thank you so much for coordinating the swim meet with Vanderbilt University! They were truly impressed by the warm hospitality and the caliber of swimmers they competed against. [The team] found the National Aquatic Centre venue to be absolutely amazing. This experience will be etched in their memories forever and it set the perfect tone for their trip in New Zealand!"

The Kiwis' triumph over Vanderbilt University in the exhilarating dual meet served as a testament to the power of international collaboration, cultural exchange, and the unifying force of sports. Congratulations to the Kiwis for their victory, and heartfelt appreciation goes to both teams for their exceptional performances and sportsmanship. Considering the success of this meet format in the United States, we are eager to conduct further research and provide resources to Swimming New Zealand Regions and Clubs that will enable them to organise similar meet styles in the future. Through grassroots to high-performance, transforming an individual sport into a more team-focused approach can greatly impact team culture and enhance the racing experience in unprecedented ways.

*The Dual Meet was hosted at the National Aquatic Centre on Saturday 27th of May. The meet was kept unofficial to best accommodate the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA.

Check out the Dual Meet format below.

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