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Down Under Daily - Gasson Flying High

2022 FINA World Short Course - Day Five

As the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) continue to see World Records broken each night in front of a packed crowd, the New Zealand team continue to produce strong performances. Day 5 resulted in 3 personal bests for individuals and a New Zealand Record in a relay, as well as one swim in the evening. Helena Gasson continued from where she left off the previous night in the 100m Butterfly heats, by qualifying 15th fastest for the semi-finals (57.51). Gasson has demonstrated the importance of underwater work this week, with her exploits on day 5 no exception. In her semi-final, Gasson had a strong start to be 2nd at the first 25m mark on her way to a faster swim in the evening than the heats (57.23). With a time just outside of her own NZ Record, Gasson completed her championship campaign in 14th overall. Congratulations on your excellent week Helena.

NZ Record in Men’s 4 x 50m Medley Relay

The boys also continued their rich vein of form in the Men’s 4 x 50m Medley Relay by setting a New Zealand Record (1:34.86). Zac Dell led off in the backstroke leg strongly (24.39 split) and Josh Gilbert had a practice run for his individual 50m Breaststroke with a strong leg to move the boys up into third in the heat at halfway (26.48 split). Cam Gray laid down an impressive butterfly leg (22.56) and Carter Swift finished the job (21.45) to finish 4th in their heat. The boys placed 12th overall.

Personal Bests The Kiwi Order Of The Week

The New Zealand team have continually stepped up on the big stage, with personal bests at the top of the menu. Mya Rasmussen had to wait until day 5 for her turn in the 400m Individual Medley and she produced her best performance yet to finish 12th overall (4:36.08) and dropping 5.73 seconds from her entry time. Rasmussen looked to use easy speed in the butterfly leg to be 3rd in the heat (1:03.65 split), before moving up into 2nd by the halfway point with a smooth backstroke leg (1:10.70 split). Rasmussen made her move in her favoured breaststroke leg (1:17.54 split) to take the lead and maintained status quo during the freestyle (1:04.19 split) to win her heat.

Luan Grobbelaar produced his best ever in the 400m Individual Medley to claim 13th overall (4:09.98). Grobbelaar saved his legs during the butterfly (57.42 split) and backstroke legs (1:03.03 split), before he made his move through the field during the breaststroke (1:10.63 split) and freestyle legs (58.90 split) to touch 5th in his heat. A personal best of 0.49 seconds saw Grobbelaar drop under 4:10 for the first time.

Josh Gilbert has had an excellent week, with personal bests in all his individual events. Gilbert won his 50m Breaststroke heat (26.95) on route to placing 25th overall. Gilbert will feature prominently in the Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay on the final day.

Cam Gray was just outside his personal best in the 100m Butterfly (51.69). Gray had a good last 25m to touch 6th on the wall, resulting in being 26th overall. Louis Clark swam in the morning session for the 800m Freestyle timed finals to be the 7th swimmer on to the wall. Clark went out in the first 400m holding laps in the 14 seconds per lap range (3:51.50 split) and came home in the 15 seconds per lap range (4:01.86 split).

Other NZ-Based Swims

Lanihei Connolly won her heat of the 50m Breaststroke with a big 0.54 seconds personal best (31.68) on her way to finishing 27th overall.

Day 6 Preview

Caitlin Deans and Carter Swift will be looking to continue her great weeks in the 200m Freestyle, whilst Emma Godwin and Kane Follows take on their preferred 200m Backstroke event. The boys have another relay to round out the championships, the 4 x 100m Medley Relay.

Day Six Schedule

  • Caitlin Deans - 200m Freestyle - 11.12am AEDT (1.12pm NZDT)

  • Carter Swift - 200m Freestyle - 11.33am AEDT (1.33pm NZDT)

  • Emma Godwin - 200m Backstroke - 11.55am AEDT (1.55pm NZDT)

  • Kane Follows - 200m Backstroke - 12.10pm AEDT (2.10pm NZDT)

  • Men’s - 4x100m Medley Relay - 12.29pm AEDT (2.29pm NZDT)

Day Five Results Summary

  • Men’s - 4x50m Medley Relay - 1:34.86 - 12th (NZ Record)

  • Mya Rasmussen - 400m Individual Medley - 4:36.08 - 12th

  • Luan Grobbelaar - 400m Individual Medley - 4:09.98 - 13th

  • Cam Gray - 100m Butterfly - 51.69 - 26th

  • Josh Gilbert - 50m Breaststroke - 26.95 - 25th

  • Louis Clark - 800m Freestyle - 7:53.36 - 16th

  • Helena Gasson - 100m Butterfly (Semi-Final) - 57.23 - 14th

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