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Celebrating 50 Years Since Commonwealth Games in Christchurch

Reunion of the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch

This past weekend marked 50 years since New Zealand hosted the 1974 Commonwealth Games held in Christchurch. 142 athletes represented NZ, including a team of 16 Aquablacks.

New Zealand has only hosted three Commonwealth Games and to be a part of one of those teams brought a stronger sense of pride for the athletes to be able to compete at home in front of friends and family.

Some of the team got together over the weekend and had a great time at a reunion and a gala dinner. The following morning the team meet with a few ex-Wharenui swimmers for a paddle at the pool.

Jaynie Hudgell (nee Parkhouse), Swimming New Zealand President reflects on the weekend.

"Celebrating 50 years since the 1974 “friendly games” was wonderful. Reconnecting and reminiscing with swimming friends who were such an important part of our lives made us all grateful to have been there, and to be involved in such a wonderful sport.”

The Aquablacks were very successful winning 2 gold, 1 silver, and 4 bronze medals. Only the 1994 and 2022 Commonwealth teams outscored them on the medal table.

Aquablack Medallists in 1974

  • Mark Treffers - Gold 400m Individual Medley and Silver 1500m Freestyle

  • Jaynie Hudgell (Nee Parkhouse) - Gold 800m Freestyle and Bronze 400m Freestyle

  • John Coutts - Bronze 200m Butterfly

  • Susan Lewis (Nee Hunter) - Bronze in both 200m and 400m Individual Medley

Reunion Photo (above)

Front Row: Sue Lewis, Jaynie Hudgell, Mark Treffers

Back Row: Lynne Dalzell (nee Rowe), Brett Naylor, Craig Hudgell

Driver: Dr Dave Gerrard (Team manager)

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