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Aotearoa Dominates Brisbane's Inaugural Premier League

Event Wrap from the Premier League Swimming Super Teams

Over the weekend a group of our swimmers flew to Brisbane to compete in the inaugural Premier League Swimming Super Teams event. 


The event was held in two half hour racing blocks with a half hour between the two sessions.  There were 8 teams of 8 swimmers, each swimmer could swim up to 2 individual and 2 relay races. The racing was fast and furious with all focus being on place and not time.

New Zealand was lucky enough to get a team into the event, Team Aotearoa, who comfortably took out the win.


Team Aotearoa was managed by Michael Weston (Coast) and comprised of Aquablacks Helena Gasson (250), Carter Swift (282) Laticia-Leigh Transom (264). The team also consisted the remaining five swimmers selected through the draft that occurred the Monday before race day, with Zyleika Pratt-Smith (Coast), and Australia’s Enoch Robb, Brady Hughes, Indiana Phillips, and Rosy Ryan completing Team Aotearoa.

Team Aotearoa Captain, Helena Gasson says how refreshing the event was

"We all had such a good time and swam incredibly fast! It's really refreshing to compete in this kind of format, it adds a lot more needed entertainment into the sport and into our training programmes."
"It's pretty awesome to have a kiwi team join an Australian swimming league and come out the winners!"


New Zealand also had swimmers represented amongst the top three teams with Wilrich Coetzee (Coast) and Savannah-Eve Martin (Coast) in the second place Musashi team, and Jasper Cornish (Coast) swimming for Brett Hawke's Sprint Revolution team who placed third.

The Premier League Swimming Super Teams is a great event for both aspiring and Olympic level swimmers to get the opportunity to race together and support each other in a team environment.

The next Premier League Swimming Super Teams event takes place in September in California.

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