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Aotea Electric Extend as Associate Partner of Swimming NZ

Announcement of Aotea Electric Partnering with Swimming NZ for 2 Years

We are thrilled to announce that Aotea Electric have extended their partnership with Swimming NZ for a further two years. Aotea Electric have been an associate partner of Swimming NZ for the past couple of years supporting us in our mission of creating positive swimming experiences for Kiwis, particularly through involvement in our national events.

Swimming NZ’s Chief Executive, Steve Johns, is grateful for the ongoing support from Aotea Electric.

“We are delighted to have Aotea Electric renew their sponsorship for a further two years. We look forward to working with them to grow the relationship into future.”

Aotea Group Holding’s Chief Executive, James Ewart, is proud to be continuing their involvement in the sport.

“We are proud to be aligned with Swimming NZ for a further two years. It’s a growing sport and swimming is also a crucial life skill, so we are thrilled to be supporting swimming as we lead into an exciting year for the sport.”

The Aotea Group consists of 26 businesses in over 29 separate locations across every region in New Zealand, with more than 1250 industry experts employed by the group.

Learn more about Aotea Electric and the Aotea Group

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