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World Aquatics List #22 Announced

New Zealand Officials Announced on the World Aquatics Officials List #22

We are stoked to congratulate 6 technical officials from New Zealand onto the World Aquatics Swimming Officials List #22. This is valid from 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2026 and provides the opportunity for these officials to be appointed to World Aquatics events, such as the 2023 World Aquatics Championships being held in Fukuoka, Japan.

New Zealand has been successful in filling all eligible positions on the list, where we can have 3 referees and 2 starters. Congratulations to the following for making the list:

  • Christine Cassin (Canterbury West Coast) - Referee

  • Greg Forsythe (Wellington) - Referee

  • Ross Gillespie (Northland) - Starter

  • Alan Hale (Otago) - Starter

  • Gavin Ion (Waikato) - Referee

  • Lesley Huckins (Canterbury West Coast) - Referee

Congratulations to Swimming NZ Life Member, Lesley Huckins, who continues in her position on the World Aquatics Technical Swimming Committee. As part of her position on the committee, she is the sixth New Zealander named on the list.

Congratulations to Greg Forsythe for being the new addition to this list as a referee, with the other 4 being re-appointed from their List #20 appointment.

We look forward to supporting our officials in receiving international appointments over the next 4 year period. A big congratulations to all of them, this is worthy recognition of the dedication and expertise they demonstrate as our technical officials.


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