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Unlock Your Greatness By Collectively Swimming to Paris

Launching Swimming NZ’s Swim to Paris Community Challenge in March 2024

With an exciting year ahead for swimming, join us throughout the month of March by getting involved in our community challenge “Swim to Paris”. It’s the perfect incentive to Unlock Your Greatness and be active in the water this month.


As part of the challenge, each region in New Zealand will be seeking bragging rights to see who can get to Paris (or closest) as we pit region v region across New Zealand.


Whilst the challenge is a great way to Unlock Your Greatness, this challenge is a great way to show your support for our top swimmers as they make their own journey towards Paris. The distance from our capital in Wellington to Paris is 18,974kms, so we need everyone's support across your region to help us brave the waters.


You can contribute and pledge your swims via our online form below.


Swimming NZ’s Head of Participation & Events, Dale Johnson, is eager to see which region will make it to Paris first.


“This is a great chance for everyone in NZ to get active in the water during the month of March. Whether you visit the pool or jump in one of the stunning watering holes across the country, make sure you help your region win the race to Paris. There is no better time to get your friends together and Unlock Your Greatness than now.”


Johnson added it's a great way to show your support for our NZ swimmers as they complete their preparations as they hope to start their own journey to Paris at the 2024 Apollo Projects NZ Swimming Championships being held in Hawke's Bay from 9 - 13 April.

"Our top swimmers are embarking on their own journeys to Paris, and we all have a role to play in helping them every stroke of the way. Let's show our support by getting active in the water across the month of March."

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be involved, start pledging your swims today and help your region win the race to Paris.

Stay up-to-date on our social media channels for weekly updates as to how each region is tracking toward Paris.


Get Involved

To help you get involved, we have provided a list of pools on our website so you can find the closest to you.



If you swam every day for the month of March, you could swim:


  • 2km – 3 laps per day of a 25m pool

  • 20km – 25 laps per day of a 25m pool

  • 31km – 40 laps per day of a 25m pool


Carterton Indoor Pool - Big Swim

Alongside this Swim to Paris challenge, the Carterton Indoor Pool Project is trying to fundraise money to help keep the facility open to ensure the Southern Wairarapa community has access to a pool all year round.


You can support their fundraiser by helping them swim 1 million metres to raise 1 million dollars below.

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