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National Age Team Takes on Queensland State Champs

16 of our best Gold and Silver National Age Program swimmers took the Queensland State Championships by storm this week at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre.

Notoriously one of the most challenging age group swimming competitions in the world, the squad knew they had to be on top of their game in the heats and manage the 30+ degree heat to progress through to the finals where only two visitors can qualify. With Japan and Singapore both sending their top age group swimmers, the group rose to the challenge with phenomenal PB rates in the morning and backing up each swim in the finals to come away with 11 Gold, 11 Silver and 9 Bronze medals

The swim of the week came from Monique Wieruszowski, who not only broke the New Zealand 15 years 50m Breaststroke record but also shattered the 15 years Queensland All Comers record, the fastest time recorded in Queensland ever in the 50m Breaststroke by a 15-year-old girl.

Milan Glintmeyer was also in record breaking form in the 100m Butterfly, swimming an incredible 1:01.96 to break Sophia Batchelor’s longstanding record of 1:02.60 which was set in 2010.

Overall, every single swimmer made New Zealand proud by their resilient attitudes and fast racing across a great week of top age group swimming.


Isabelle Gibson

Gold- 100 Backstroke

Gold - 50 Backstroke

Silver - 200 Backstroke

Milan Glintmeyer

Gold- 100 Backstroke

Gold - 50 Backstroke

Silver - 100 Butterfly (14 yrs NZR)

Silver - 50 Butterfly

Jacob Story

Gold- 100 Breaststroke

Gold - 200 Breaststroke

Silver - 50 Breaststroke

Monique Wieruszowski

Gold- 100 Breaststroke

Gold - 50 Breaststroke (15yrs NZR, 15 Years Queensland All Comers Record)

Kevin Zhang

Gold- 100 Breaststroke

Gold - 400 Medley

Gold - 200 Medley

Leo Arrowsmith

Silver - 200 Breaststroke

Silver - 50 Breaststroke

Bronze - 100 Breaststroke

Sam Brown

Silver - 200 Medley

Jasper Cornish

Silver - 50 Backstroke

Bronze - 50 Freestyle

Hunter Dobson

Silver - 200 Backstroke

Hamish Giddens

Silver - 1500 Freestyle

Bronze - 800 Freestyle

Cooper Morley

Silver - 50 Backstroke

Bronze - 100 Backstroke

Bronze 50 Butterfly

Ryan Peck

Bronze - 400 Medley

Bronze - 200 Medley

Larn Hamblyn - Ough

Bronze - 1500 Freestyle

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