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National Age Programme

The main Goals of the National Age Programme are:

  1. Support coaches by adding value to their home programmes and to offer personal development opportunities

  2. Support the athletes to continue to improve and to enjoy their swimming journey

  3. Increase the number of athletes graduating to the Senior and Para High Performance Programmes with the appropriate skill set, speed, growth mindset and performance behaviours

New athletes may be added to the NAP later in the season (if there are places available) after each 4 month block / domestic cycle from performances achieved as follows:

  • Domestic Cycle 1 (May to August) from performances achieved at National SC Champs:

  • SNZ will liaise with coaches of any athletes who achieve significant performances o New intake to start in September (thus on the NAP from September to April)

  • Domestic Cycle 2 (September to December) from performances achieved at the Regional LC Champs or Australian State LC Champs:

  • Applications welcome from athletes who have achieved the NAP times

  • SNZ will liaise with coaches of any athletes who achieve significant performances o New intake to start in January (thus on the NAP from January to April)

How to Apply SNZ National Age Programme 2022-2023


1. Read the National Programme Information Booklet for Athletes & Parents.

NAP 2022-2023 info booklet for athletes & parents v2 August 2022
Download PDF • 458KB

2. Ensure check that you have achieved the at least one time from the 2022-2023 National Performance Standards

NAP GSB short course times 2022 final
Download PDF • 122KB

NAP GSB Long Course Times - 2022-2023
Download PDF • 193KB

National Programme Standards Para
Download PDF • 226KB

3. Click on the Passport document – this is your application and tracking document combined into one document

NAP 2022-2023 Athlete Passport
Download XLSX • 74KB

4. Download and save the Passport (eg. John Smith NAP 2022-2023) onto your computer and then complete all the green tabs

5. Your Passport / application must be endorsed by your coach

NAP 2022-2023 info booklet for coaches - v2 August 2022
Download PDF • 389KB

6. Email your completed Passport to Alastair Johnson at

Thank you and well done.

Coaches who wish to apply for the NAP activities need to complete the application form:

Coach Application - NAP 2022-2023
Download DOCX • 15KB

Download more information

Download PDF • 346KB

Got any questions?

Contact Alastair


phone: 0210717040


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