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Have You Been for a Winter Swim Yet?

Have You Been for a Winter Swim Yet?

Whilst it’s always a great time to go for a swim at your local pool or local waterhole, there are plenty of reasons to go swim outdoors during the winter months. So many people get together to swim with others from their local community throughout the year for enjoyment, the social aspect, and the physical and mental health benefits that swimming provides.

This winter, we have another awesome reason to get outdoors and swim. We encourage you to be part of Winter Swim Challenge, a fundraising opportunity delivered by Kenzie’s Gift. Kenzie’s Gift is a charity dedicated to supporting the mental health of young kiwis affected by serious illness or grief.

Winter Swim Challenge

The Winter Swim Challenge is hoping to raise $40,000, which will help 20 young kiwis get the support they need. It costs $2,000 to provide a young person with 12 sessions with a therapist.

You can get involved and help fundraise for the cause. Whether you set your challenge to do one “Go Big” dip, be a “Weekend Warrior”, a “Daily Dipper” or set your own challenge, what better reason to get outdoors for a swim this winter. Whether you choose to swim in a lake, river, outdoor pool or the ocean, you’ll be part of providing support to young kiwis doing it tough. Make sure you get involved by 31 August so you don’t miss out!

Once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to stay safe and have a plan for how to warm up afterwards. Check out our Open Water Safety Guide for more:

Open Water Guidelines
Download PDF • 2.54MB

We'd love to see how your swim went, so make sure to tag us in your social media stories. If you're interested in other news from across the country, here's a quick clip from the project.

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