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Gaz's World Champs Diary - Competition Day Three

2022 FINA World Championships Diary by Gary Francis "Gaz" - Competition Day Three

Competition Day Three

Hi Everyone,

A quiet day in terms of racers in the pool, but The SNZ team hit the early buses for some big training sessions for a few of the athletes this morning. Ruby Heath is gearing up her work as the big Open Water distances are now just a week away and her 8 x 200 set this morning include the final four repeats on 2:30 where she held her best times of the preparation so far.

Mya Rasmussen also continues to train full sessions. She doesn’t race until the last day of the pool championship and has shown great consistency in her work all the way through the camp.

Erika Fairweather

Erika did a really professional job again in negotiating the heats, qualifying very solidly in 11th for the evening semi- finals. One of the most interesting aspects of the women’s 200 heats was the fact the swimmers in the first seeded heat all pushed harder to ensure they qualified but the two later heats saw much more controlled performances.

This evening she did everything possible to give herself a chance to make the final. A 0.8 second drop from the heats was not quite enough but her performances are really encouraging as she moves forward to the Commonwealths in July, having improved 5 places from her 16th in Tokyo.

Looking Ahead

We were treated to more unbelievable swimming tonight. The Men’s 100 backstroke final, the Men’s 200 freestyle final, the Men’s 200 fly semi finals and Ledecky in the 1500m final are all such great examples to us in NZ of how to swim!! Technically we were lucky to witness some outstanding performances that produced some of the fastest swimming ever seen!

Tomorrow we have Carter going in the 100 free which means the Sprint Family will be out in full force supporting their bro’! Then Lewis swims the 200IM. With 18 swimmers entered at sub 1:59 the heats will be very competitive.

Day Four Athlete Schedule

Carter Swift

Mens 100m Freestyle

21st June - 7:09pm NZT

Lewis Clareburt

Mens 200m Individual Medley

21st June - 7:40pm NZT

How to Watch

You can watch all the action live via pay per view from FINA on Facebook Live. Or view live results for free on the official event website

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