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Development Opportunities for Officials at Recent Events

Development Sessions for Officials Held at Recent National Events

At the recent Apollo Projects NZ Swimming Championships (Auckland), Apollo Projects NZ Age Group Swimming Championships (Hawke’s Bay) and Apollo Projects Division II Swimming Competition (Wellington), we have held development sessions for officials.

The sessions were held the night before racing at both events and had an exceptional turnout, with almost all officials attending.

The Auckland session focused on the recent World Aquatics rule changes which gave an opportunity for officials to ask questions and clarify any confusion. In Hawke’s Bay, insight was given into what the World Aquatics Lists (Referee/Starter) are all about & the reality of what it entails so that officials are better prepared.

Both sessions were held by Ron Clarke, with Dianne Farmer joining for the second session.

SNZ's Technical Official & Volunteer Development Lead, Carlrine Gillespie, was pleased with how the sessions went.

“There were good numbers of technical officials at both meets & it was awesome to welcome those to their first national meet.”

Following the success of the first three development sessions prior to a national event commencing, we look forward to offering more of these opportunities for our volunteers.


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