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Auckland Council Join The Registered Swim School Whanau

Announcement of Additional Swim Schools to the Registered Swim School Programme

Following the recent announcement of the Swimming NZ Registered Swim School Programme, we have received significant interest from other Swim Schools across the country keen to join CLM SwimMagic, the inaugural Swim School, in the programme.

The Swimming NZ Registered Swim School Programme has been developed to provide Swim School operators with an industry recognised accreditation that signals their acceptance and achievement of a set of minimum standards that are a positive step towards improving the quality and safety of Swim Schools in New Zealand. The programme highlights our commitment to ensuring that anyone wanting to learn to swim can do so in a safe and trusted environment.

Today, we are excited to announce that Auckland Council have joined the Registered Swim Schools Programme. We would like to welcome their eight Swim Schools to the whanau. Below are the locations of these Swim Schools:

  • Auckland Council - Albany

  • Auckland Council - Birkenhead

  • Auckland Council - Glenfield

  • Auckland Council - Manurewa

  • Auckland Council - Moana-Nui-a Kiwa

  • Auckland Council - Stanmore Bay

  • Auckland Council - Takapuna

  • Auckland Council - West Wave

We look forward to welcoming other Swim Schools to the Registered Swim School Programme over the coming weeks.

For more information about the programme or to get your Swim School involved, please reach out to SNZ's National Education & Water Safety Manager, Karen Dalldorf. You can email her at

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