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Inaugural "Race with the Reps" A Hit in Otago

Celebrating Swimming Otago's "Race with the Reps" Meet

Swimming Otago held their inaugural Race with the Reps competition over the weekend at Moana Pool. This was an exciting new concept which provided younger swimmers an interactive racing opportunity going head-to-head against some of our top NZ swimmers.

The meet was a new initiative with heats in the morning and showcase finals in the afternoon, with a NZ representative taking part where a "handicapping system" was implemented. This involved each swimmer being given a number in which they would leave the blocks, one by one, with the NZ representative leaving last.

There were lots of positives from the day. The swimmers got the opportunity to swim against their local heroes and get a photo, and for many it was their first opportunity to race the same event twice in one day.

There were 9 NZ representatives that took part in the meet, some of which used the meet as a fine tuning before flying to Doha for the World Aquatics Championships next month. The 9 NZ representatives who took part were:



Caitlin Deans

Aquablack 276

Erika Fairweather

Aquablack 266

Emilia Finer

2023 NSW Open Water

Esme Paterson

2022 World Short Course

Kale Twist

2022 Junior Pan Pacs

Kane Follows

2022 World Short Course

Luan Grobbelaar

Aquablack 285

Ruby Heath

Aquablack 278

Zac Reid

Aquablack 269

Thanks to Swimming Otago and the NZ representatives for creating this initiative that provides our younger swimmers an unforgettable experience and opportunity. It was great to see so many involved in the meet. We look forward to seeing this meet continue to grow in the coming years.

To learn all of the highlights and results from the weekend, get updated on the Swimming Otago event wrap.

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