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Helping to Shape Officiating in NZ

Technical Official Opportunity

There are opportunities to be involved in a newly-formed Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the next 3 years. The Terms of Reference have been updated in November 2022 and there are opportunities for two representatives from each of the four zones. We are seeking diversity on the committee, including one representative from each zone with 10 years or less experience as an official as we look to increase opportunities in officiating and welcome new officials.

Terms of Reference - Technical Advisory Committee - November 2022
Download PDF • 114KB

Thank you to the previous TAC members for their ongoing commitment to supporting officiating in New Zealand. We are very grateful for your advice and willingness to share your experiences with the community, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Previous TAC Members:

  • Lesley Huckins

  • Alan Hale

  • Ron Clarke

  • Greg Forsythe

  • Dianne Farmer

  • Gavin Ion

  • Carlrine Gillespie

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