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Coaches Continuing to Learn

Coaches Continuing to Learn

Recently, select experienced coaches from around the country completed a coach developer course focused on upskilling on methods of facilitating workshops and learning environments, observation, and feedback scenarios.

The course was delivered with cross-code collaboration with other sports, with Basketball NZ and Hockey NZ participants involved across the 3 days. Taking place on the back of the 2022 Apollo Projects NZ Short Course Swimming Championships and the NZSCTA conference, it was a big 2-week period for the course participants.

Swimming NZ’s Head of Participation & Events, Dale Johnson, is stoked with the journey of further support for coaches.

“We are conscious that coaches are the ones delivering our sport at the community level, so this course was hosted to support some of our most respected and experienced coaches in how to deliver education sessions and development opportunities moving forward. With Balance is Better and Good Sports a key focus of ours to provide positive swimming experiences, we wanted to further support our coaches to foster a lifelong love of the water. We are in the process of reviewing and enhancing the education and development opportunities we provide.”

Dale also noted that the focus was to help coaches learn ways to facilitate opportunities for education and development. “The coaches involved in this course are all highly experienced coaches in our community. We are fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge of the technical aspects of swimming, so we wanted to support these coaches in learning methods to share their knowledge with fellow coaches. Our next steps are providing opportunities for these learnings to be shared through education courses, development forums and mentoring opportunities.”

This course was one of the first steps toward providing additional support to swimming coaches around New Zealand. Swimming NZ and NZSCTA are working together to support coaches to provide positive swimming environments for our community, by reviewing the coach education pathway and courses provided, as well as opportunities to support continual development for coaches.

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