2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival -
All Stars

Welcome to the 2022 Apollo Projects Junior Festival – All stars this weekend. Swimming NZ is looking forward to a fun event, with a strong focus on participation and the swimmers doing their best and making every stroke count!

11 - 13 November

Wellington, New Zealand

Events Manager
Chloe Francis
Head of Participation & Events
Dale Johnson
Disability and Para Swimming Participation Manager
Cameron Leslie
Membership Services Manager
Amber Piggott

Participation Coordinator

Hannah Cartman

Events Support Coordinator

Tonya Osborne

Participation Team

The friendly faces on the other side of most of your emails. We're fortunate to have a passionate crew who deliver world class events, facilitate equal opportunities for anyone to enjoy the water and make sure that every member has a great experience. 

Team Managers Meeting

There will be a compulsory team manager meeting held on Friday 11 November at 3:15pm in the Spin Room.


Team managers will be given a brief run-down of meet activities, expectations of swimmers and clubs, and general delivery of the event. Each club is asked to have at least one representative at the meeting.

Parent Breakfast

The parent breakfast will be held in the Spin Room on Saturday 12th November at 7:30am, tickets are still available.


There will be a few Aquablacks at each session, please make sure you go and say hi and get a selfie!

Club Packs

Packs and passes must be collected from the competitor’s entrance to enter the pool facility. These will be available to collect from 2:50pm on Friday 11th November.

Accreditation & Access

Access to the pool is via the rear competitor’s entrance with your accreditation. Staff will be on hand to ensure that passes are being presented. If you do not have a valid pass – you will be required to pay the appropriate admission fee.


Accreditation must be worn, around the neck, to gain access. No accreditation no entry. Lost accreditation can be replaced at a cost of $5.00 each.

Open Times

Friday 11 Nov:

Evening - 2:45pm (gates)

Evening - 4:00pm (competition)

Saturday 12 Nov:

Morning - 7:15am (gates)

Morning - 8:30am (competition)

Evening - 2:45pm (gates)

Evening - 4:00pm (competition)

Sunday 13 Nov:

Morning - 7:15am (gates)

Morning - 8:30am (competition)

Ribbon Ceremony

The victory ceremony for ribbons winners will take place at the end of each session, please ensure you swimmers arrive on time and have a club shirt or jacket on.

PB Ribbons

PB ribbons will be in the club packs, if you need more pb ribbons please see the resolution desk.

Seating Plans

There will be no seating plan at this year's event, please ensure you are respectful and work together to ensure every club has the appropriate amount of space. Bays 1 & 2 overlooking the start will be for spectators only.


Self-marshalling will be employed during all sessions. Swimmers will assemble behind the starting blocks 4 heats prior to their event. For all 50m events swimmers need to be behind the blocks 6 heats prior to their event.

Freestyle Kick

This event is new to the Junior Festival and will not involve diving. Swimmers will start in the water, with one hand on the kickboard and one hand on the starting blocks. Swimmers will kick for the 25m, touch and turn, and return to finish kicking the 25m, with no underwater work. The swimmers only need to touch with one hand. SNZ will provide kickboards for the event.

Opening Ceremony Mexican Wave

On Friday 11 November at 3:50 pm every club will line up around the poolside and take part in a brand-new opening ceremony Mexican wave. Each Junior festival zone will have a competition to who can create the loudest and most fun Mexican wave as well as trying to achieve to the golden 60 seconds without a break.

Event Merchandise

Teamline will be present at the event, selling both event merchandise and swimming apparel. Be sure to check out their pop-up store and say g’day to Tim and Lauren located in the foyer of the main reception.

Cartoon Characters Theme

The Sunday afternoon session will be themed. There will be spot prizes for the best dressed people, which will be awarded from the dress-up walk past at 8:20am. Please congregate at the marshalling area.


Parking is limited. Please try and limit the number of vehicles you travel into the meet.


Tickets are available via Humanitix here


These tickets will be available online for purchase (including on event day from your phone) and scanned at entry. The entrance for spectators will be the main entrance and head upstairs into the grandstand.


Scratchings for session one should be emailed to entries@swimming.org.nz by 10am Friday 11th November. Any withdrawals for session one after this time must be submitted at the Team Managers Meeting. Scratching’s for sessions two, three and four must be submitted to the resolutions desk by the completion of the preceding session.


As ALL events in all morning sessions are run as timed finals SNZ Policy 008 will apply. For timed-finals, withdrawals must be advised by the end of the session preceding the session with the timed final event.


Disqualifications will be announced and a copy of the DQ form put in the regional boxes.


Protests must be submitted to the referee, in writing, on the protest form by the team manager only within 30 minutes following the conclusion of the respective event. This needs to be accompanied by the $100.00 protest fee which must now be paid by card. If conditions causing a potential protest are noted prior to the event a protest must be lodged before the signal to start is given. All protests shall be considered by the referee. If the referee rejects the protest, they must state the reasons for their decision. The regional Team Manager may appeal the rejection to the Jury of Appeal whose decision shall be final. If the protest is rejected, the deposit will be forfeited to SNZ. If the protest is upheld the deposit will be returned.


Swimmers with strapping must provide documentation from a relevant registered health practitioner or physiotherapist and be reviewed by the Technical Director, Greg Forsythe prior to swimming. Any swimmers without such documentation may not be permitted to swim.


Results will be posted as soon as possible in the complex. Swimming New Zealand will have live results available online and via Meet Mobile. The results for each event will be uploaded once the event has been signed off. A PDF of each session’s results will be posted on the events page at the conclusion of each session.

Photography & Videography

Photos and videos will be taken throughout the competition. All athletes and spectators have agreed to allow photographs, videos, audio recordings and audio recording to be taken by accredited SNZ contractors to be used for any legitimate purpose by SNZ. If you have any concerns please contact the Event Manager. Spectators agree upon entry that photographic, video or audio recording equipment is prohibited for any purpose which may include, without limitation, video and/or audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 300mm and commercial digital video equipment. The SNZ Event staff will, at their sole discretion, determine whether or not an item is intended for personal or commercial use.