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Swimmers Selected for 2023/24 National Age Programme

Announcement of the 2023/24 National Age Programme Team

Swimming NZ would like to congratulate the 23 swimmers who have qualified as Gold and Silver swimmers for the National Age Programme in the 2023/24 intake. These swimmers met the qualifying times for the programme at the 2023 Apollo Projects New Zealand Championships and National Age Group Championships.

The National Age Programme allows young swimmers to gain additional race experience, partake in development opportunities, progress as a group, and prepare for upcoming international competitions.

National Development Leader, Alistair Johnson is impressed with the athletes.

“I am delighted to confirm that we have selected 32 Olympic and Paralympic pathway athletes onto the National Age Programme for 2023-2024. We have seen a big increase in the number of Gold and Silver athletes when compared to 12 months ago. This is an exciting group of young athletes of different ages and strokes.”

One of the highlights of this year's programme is the Queensland Long Course Championships which the team will travel to in December. This will provide great experience racing against some of Australia's top age group swimmers.

The following swimmers have been selected:




Elwin Bao

North Shore

Dave Prattley

Brooke Bennett


Todd Mason

Max Cave


Mariano Nani

Jasper Cornish


John Gatfield

Bailey Conlon

Te Arawa

Henk Greupink

Isabelle Gibson


Igor Polianski

Milan Glintmeyer

Kiwi West

Tracey Breuer

Larn Hamblyn-Ough


John Gatfield

Orlando Hardie

Hamilton Aquatics

Mat Woofe

Finn Harland


Gary Hollywood

James Haydon

Club 37

Mitch Nairn

Harrison James


Todd Mason

Cameron Karpik


Igor Polianski

Harrison Klouwens


Sandra Burrow

Erin Knox

SwimZone Racing

Frank Tourelle