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Have-A-Go With Waikato

Swimming Waikato Offer Opportunities for Swimmers Looking to Give Swimming a Go

Swimming Waikato has introduced a new initiative called the Gallagher 'Have-A-Go' events with the intention of engaging the community with local swimming clubs and introducing the young kids to the world of competitive swimming through short races, relays, engaging with some of the region's top swimmers and an overall fun swimming experience.

The vast majority of attendees were previously engaged in the Swim Safe, School Water Safety Program. Waikato's Have-A-Go opportunities are seen as an extension of their work with school water safety, and the link between our schools and our member clubs.

Over 150 young swimmers have participated in the first two of the four events scheduled. One was held in Hamilton City on 17 September, which was supported by Hamilton Aquatics, and Waipa, and more recently in Cambridge on 14 October, which was supported by St Peter's Swimming Club. Swimming Waikato were the behind the scenes operators of the events, however, throughout the whole process they engaged with the hosting club ensuring they were onboard with everything taught and that they also had the freedom to add their own input and style.

Swimming Waikato's Chief Executive, Darren Ward, believes hosting Have A Go meets are a great opportunity for introducing kids to swimming races and clubs.

"I strongly believe that with the right opportunities, more children will choose to engage in swimming. The crucial aspect is to make these opportunities consistently available. The significant turnout of families and the positive feedback from parents make it clear how essential swimming is perceived as a life skill and how significant the advantages it offers."

A number of families have joined both Hamilton Aquatics and St Peter's Swimming Club. There have been many follow ups with families who are finishing their term of Learn to Swim before joining their respective clubs. Swimming Waikato have also been able to connect families with Learn to Swim centres and offer general swimming advice as well.

There are two more Have-A-Go events left on the schedule in Waikato.

  • Thames District, supported by Thames Swimming Club, to be held at the Thames Centennial Pool

  • Pukekohe, supported by Pukekohe Swimming Club.

To make sure you don't miss out on these two upcoming opportunities.

Thanks to Swimming Waikato for providing these opportunities to the local community. We encourage more Have A Go meets to be held across the country.

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