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Coaching Strategy 2020 - 2024

We're committed to creating a respected community of talented coaches demanding excellence of themselves and their swimmers. Raising the standard of competitive swimming in New Zealand we're working hard to developing:

  • Faster swimmers at all levels.

  • Technically proficient and skilled swimmers at all levels.

  • Improved performance on the International Stage.

Targeted Coach Program

A body of Coaches with the capability of leading, delivering and supporting World Class Coaching programs.

  • Identify and confirm Targeted Coaches.

  • Develop and launch the Coach Mentor Support Program.

  • Develop and agree Individual Development Plans.

  • Provide age & stage appropriate develop opportunities for all Targeted Coaches.

Coach Education & Development

All coaches have access to modern, continuous and age and stage appropriate education and professional development opportunities and recognise LTAD as a fundamental part of their Coaching programs.

  • Develop and launch the Coach Mentor Support Program

  • Promote the new Coach Education Framework.

  • Facilitate age & stage appropriate coach development opportunities.

  • Provide identified coaches with exposure to world class training and racing environments.

Download more information

SNZ Coaching Strategy - 2020-2024 DRAFT Final
Download PDF • 92KB

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