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Coaches Convene for Growth

Wrap of the 2024 Coach Development Programme Camp with Wayne Goldsmith

We have recently held the inaugural camp for the Coach Development Programme (Coach TED) with some of New Zealand's most enthusiastic coaches. 18 swim coaches from around the country travelled to the Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre for a jam-packed 3 days of development.

The camp was the first face-to-face opportunity as part of the Training Education and Development Programme, which is financially supported by HPSNZ and SNZ, launched in October 2023 with 22 coaches involved. The programme has been designed to nurture coaches from the earlier part of their careers, and to educate and develop all aspects of coaching.

Since the launch, the group has been learning via one-on-one professional development meetings, group sessions and webinars held by coaching expert Wayne Goldsmith.

We were grateful to have Wayne delivering the 3 day course in Auckland. As an internationally renowned sports coaching expert, Wayne has successfully worked with Olympians and coaches all over the world. It's great to be sharing his wealth of knowledge with the coaches who are eager to continue their development.

SNZ's High Performance Manager, Amanda White, was pleased with how the camp went across the 3 days.

"The camp enabled some speedy relationship building, I was so impressed by how each coach showed up ready to learn, listen, and share in the most positive way. Their energy and passion was truly inspiring. This is the first time we have held a camp like this. It's great to have such committed coaches coming through who really want to make a difference."

Many of the coaches involved found the course to be incredibly beneficial, with lots of positive feedback received over the past week since the camp.

Following the camp, there are upcoming virtual meetings to continue coach development over the coming months, with the success of the camp in Auckland seeing coaches request a second camp this year to continue their growth.

A special thank you must go to the North Shore Swim Club for generously supporting the camp by providing the course access to their eager squads for the six sessions.

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